Where To Buy Fresh Strawberry Jam in Kelowna

by | Apr 18, 2022

If you’re looking for fresh strawberry jam made locally right here in Kelowna, you’re not alone. Strawberry jam is one of the most popular fruit preserves and delicious for breakfast on toast, pancakes or waffles. For a double “wow!” taste, add fresh strawberries plus our jam on your favourite pastry. Our strawberry jam is soft, spreadable, and stores easily in your pantry or kitchen cupboard. It’s recommended to store preserves in a cook, dark, dry place between 10 to 21 Celsius (50 to 70 Fahrenheit). Once opened, leave it in the fridge, and we recommend finishing the contents in a month for ultimate freshness, but no doubt, it won’t last that long.
If you love the taste of strawberry jam as a dessert item (we know you do), try folding a tablespoon into your favourite puff pastry, inside cupcakes, or dressed on cookies. For cupcakes, fill the cup half full, add a tablespoon of jam, then finish filling. Bake as usual. If you add jam on cookies, make a little depression with the back of your spoon on the dough, fill with a teaspoon of jam and bake as usual. Do you make homemade frozen yogurt? Add some strawberry jam to your recipe, and you’ll end up with delicious strawberry frozen yogurt to share with friends.
Our retail farm store is closed until June 2022, but our online store is open year-round so you can stock up on fresh strawberry jam and other essential preserves. We will call you to arrange a pickup time as soon as we receive your order. If you love fresh strawberries like we do, be sure to visit our farm gate this summer in Kelowna, and while you’re shopping, the kids can enjoy our strawberry ice cream and visit the farm animals.

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