September is the Month for Tomatoes

by | Sep 9, 2022

Our Delicious Roma Tomatoes Are Perfect for Any Dish

Roma tomatoes have a meaty texture and few seeds, making them an ideal tomato for eating fresh, or in salsas, sauces and cooked dishes. Try roasting your Roma tomatoes first before blending them into your favourite pasta sauce recipe, and try the finished sauce on homemade pizza. Yum! They are a popular choice for canning and storing in the pantry for later use.

Big, Juicy Beefsteak Tomatoes for Homemade Burgers

Beefsteak tomatoes are large and meaty with lots of juice, making them ideal to use as a base for fresh sauces and dips. They’re a great salsa tomato when diced and mixed with our white onions and cilantro. This August they are sweeter than ever at Donoray Farms! They’re a great addition to your classic hamburger – or in a toasted bacon-and-tomato sandwich when cut in one large slice that’s easy to eat. Their mild sweet flavour makes them a perfect addition sliced on salads as they won’t overpower the taste of the lettuce or other vegetables.

Delicious Little Grape Tomatoes – From vine to plate, these tomatoes are delicious!

Our grape tomatoes grow in a variety of colours and tastes ranging from sweet to tangy. Have you seen the purple ones in the store this summer? Despire their tiny size, these perennial favourites hold their meaty texture when cooked or grilled, making them a great addition to your oven baked pizza. They are popular as a healthy snack eaten raw, or cut in half and tossed in pasta or salad.
Here at Don-O-Ray Farms, we take great pride in growing our own top-quality vegetables on 45 acres right here in Kelowna – PICKED FRESH DAILY. We believe the closer the farm, the fresher and more nutritious your produce. We are a one-stop shop, full farm market carrying local veggies, fruits, meats, vegan products, homemade curries, butter chicken sauce, jams, juices and bakery items. Serving 25 flavours of scoop ice cream!
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Your Handy Local Fruit/Vegetable Stand

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