Peach Perfect: A Journey Through Don-O-Ray Farms in Kelowna, BC

by | Sep 4, 2023

Farm to Table: The Exceptional Quality of Don-O-Ray Farms’ Kelowna Peaches

Nestled in the fertile lands of Kelowna’s Okanagan Valley, Don-O-Ray Farms stands as a testament to the beauty and bounty of British Columbia. As a family-run business with deep-rooted traditions, this farm is more than just a source of fresh produce; it’s a labour of love. Each peach tree is carefully tended to from the moment it’s planted until its fruit is ripe for harvest, reflecting the family’s commitment to both quality and sustainability

Kelowna’s Climate and Soil

The climate and soil of the Okanagan Valley come together in a symphony of natural elements, creating the perfect conditions for growing peaches that burst with flavour and juiciness. But the story doesn’t end in the orchard. Once harvested, these exceptional peaches make their way to Don-O-Ray’s farmer’s market-style store on 3443 Benvoulin Rd in Kelowna, BC, where locals and visitors alike can experience the unparalleled taste of the fruit that’s been grown with care, dedication, and a touch of Okanagan magic.

Ways to Enjoy Freestone Peaches
Farm fresh freestone BC (British Columbia) peaches are a delicious and versatile fruit that can be enjoyed in various ways. Here are some ideas:

Eating Fresh

1. As-is: Wash and enjoy the fruit fresh.
2. Smoothies: Blend peaches with yogurt, milk, and other fruits for a refreshing smoothie.
3. Salads: Slice and add to green or fruit salads for extra flavour and texture.

Baking & Cooking

1. Peach Cobbler: Make a classic peach cobbler with crumbled topping.
2. Peach Pie: Create a delightful peach pie or tart.
3. Grilled Peaches: Halve and pit the peaches, then grill them for a smoky, caramelized treat.
4. Peach Salsa: Mix with tomatoes, onions, and herbs for a unique salsa.
5. Peach Chutney: Cook with spices and vinegar to make chutney.
6. Peach Pizza: Top flatbread or pizza dough with slices of fresh peaches, cheese, and herbs before baking.


1. Canning:Preserve peaches in jars for enjoying later.
2. Freezing: Slice and freeze for smoothies or desserts throughout the year.
3. Jams and Jellies: Make peach jam or jelly.
4. Drying: Dehydrate slices for a chewy snack.


1. Peach Iced Tea: Infuse iced tea with fresh peach slices.
2. Peach Lemonade: Add peach puree to homemade lemonade.
3. Peach Cocktails: Use peach slices or puree to make cocktails like Bellini or peach-flavored margaritas.

Sauces & Dressings

1. Peach Vinaigrette: Mix puree peaches with vinegar and oil for a summery salad dressing.
2. Peach BBQ Sauce: Blend into barbecue sauce for a fruity twist.

Snacks & Sides

1. Yogurt and Granola: Add slices to yogurt and granola for a quick snack or breakfast.
2. Peach and Cheese Platter: Pair sliced peaches with cheeses and nuts for a gourmet treat.

Special Diets

1. Vegan Peach Ice Cream: Make a dairy-free ice cream using peaches and coconut milk.
2. Gluten-Free Peach Muffins: Create gluten-free treats using peach chunks.

The possibilities are almost endless! Enjoy your farm fresh freestone BC peaches in as many ways as possible.

Kelowna is located is known for its exceptional fruit-growing conditions, including peaches. The region has a climate with hot summers and mild winters, along with soil often ideal for growing various fruits.

Farms in this area, like Don-O-Ray Farms, benefit from these conditions and often offer high-quality, farm-fresh produce. If Don-O-Ray Farms is anything like other farms in the region, they likely benefit from the microclimate, soil quality, and careful farming practices standard in the Okanagan Valley.

What Makes Okanagan Peaches Special?

1. Microclimate: The unique combination of long, warm days and cool nights allows the fruit to mature perfectly, balancing sugar and acidity levels.

2. Soil Quality: The soil’s composition can affect the fruit’s flavour and quality. The Okanagan soil often contains just the right nutrients for fruit trees.

3. Farming Practices: Many farms in the area employ sustainable or organic farming practices, ensuring the fruit is delicious and free from harmful pesticides and fertilizers.

4. Variety: The Okanagan Valley offers an array of peach varieties, each with a unique flavour profile and texture.

5. Freshness: Buying from a local farm like Don-O-Ray means getting produce that has yet to be transported long distances, which usually translates to fresher, tastier fruit.

6. Community: Local farms often have a close relationship with their community, ensuring that their produce meets the high standards locals have come to expect.

To find out what makes Don-O-Ray Farms peaches special, visit them or their local market stands. You can experience the quality of their produce and even ask them about their specific farming practices, varieties grown, and what they believe makes their peaches stand out.

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