Kelowna Pumpkins For Sale and Fun Adventures for the Family

by | Oct 27, 2023

Find Your Kelowna Pumpkin at Don-O-Ray Farms

Welcome to Don-o-ray Farms, your premier destination for pumpkins for sale and unforgettable family adventures! Located on Benvoulin Rd in Kelowna, our farm is where the magic of fall comes to life. Here, you’ll discover an abundant selection of pumpkins, ready to become the stars of your autumn celebrations. But the fun doesn’t stop at pumpkins; we offer an array of exciting experiences for the whole family, from pumpkin picking to exploring Don-O-Ray Farm Adventure Park and visiting our friendly farm animals.

Pumpkins for Sale:

As the leaves turn to hues of orange and gold, our fields at Don-o-ray Farms come alive with a stunning pumpkin patch. We take pride in our farming heritage and ensure our pumpkins are of the highest quality. From classic jack-o’-lantern pumpkins to charming mini pumpkins and unique, quirky, warty pumpkins, we have something to suit every taste and purpose. Our pumpkins are nurtured with care and expertise, making them the perfect choice for decorating your home, carving spooky jack-o’-lanterns, or adding that extra touch of fall magic to your space.
But it’s not just about purchasing pumpkins; it’s about creating lasting memories. At Don-o-ray Farms, your family can experience the joy of handpicking the perfect pumpkins, making it a unique tradition that brings everyone together. Our friendly staff is always available to assist you in finding the pumpkin that resonates with your unique vision.

Don-O-Ray Farm Adventure Park:

At Don-O-Ray Farm, the adventure continues beyond the pumpkin patch. Our Farm Adventure Park is a wonderland for families. Here’s what you can expect:
Hedge Maze: Get lost and find your way through our thrilling hedge maze, similar to a corn maze but cleaner. It’s a fun challenge for all ages.
Hayrides: Enjoy a delightful hayride through the scenic beauty of our farm. It’s a perfect way to soak in the autumn atmosphere.
Farm Animals: Visit our friendly farm animals, including goats, sheep, and more. Kids love the chance to interact with these adorable creatures.
Playground: Our playground is a haven for kids to let loose and blast in a safe and exciting environment. Try our bouncy horses.
Picnic Area: Take a break and enjoy a picnic with your family amidst the stunning backdrop of our farm.

Creating Memories:

Don-o-ray Farms isn’t just a place to buy pumpkins; families come to make cherished memories. Our welcoming atmosphere, friendly staff, and many activities ensure a memorable day out for all. It’s the ideal spot for families to embrace the spirit of autumn, explore, and bond.
This fall, make Don-o-ray Farms your ultimate destination for pumpkins for sale, family adventures, and a heartwarming connection with the season’s beauty. Your pumpkin adventure begins here, at Don-o-ray Farms on Benvoulin Rd in Kelowna. Join us in celebrating the joys of fall and creating beautiful memories with your loved ones!