How to Grow Your Own Vegetables Indoors

by | Mar 16, 2022

Have you considered reducing CO2 emissions that come from produce shipped up to Canada? During the winter, when your local produce stand is closed, you can still have plenty of greens. Have you considered trying out your green thumb with an indoor veggie patch?
Let us show you how much fun this can be. Fun for the whole family, as you learn some practical, small-scale food security tips!
Step 1 Start with seeds
  • Whether you transfer your seedlings outside during the spring, or keep them indoors right through harvest, you will enjoy the process of tending to your seeds and picking from your later bounty.
Step 2 Choose your variety
  • Not all vegetables are suitable for indoor growing. Focus on herbs or the veggies with the highest likelihood of success: spinach, kale, arugula, leaf lettuce, cherry tomatoes, peas, sprouts, and strawberries.
Step 3 Think about your space
  • Growing a garden indoors requires the right kind of space. Think about what your growth-to-harvest time will need and how you will manage temperature control, lighting, and other growing/feeding variables like water supply, humidity and drainage.
Step 4 Lighting
  • No matter what you grow, indoors or outside, you need to consider your light source. For starting seeds and cool-oriented plants, moderate light and warmth from a sunny window or shop lights may be sufficient. For plants needing more warmth (tomatoes, for example), you’ll need to invest in grow lights such as a CMH lighting system.

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