How to Get Your Kids to Eat Their Vegetables

by | Feb 14, 2022

Everyone with kids knows the hassle of getting young children, and sometimes older children, to eat vegetables. Many children have a serious dislike for their greens, but that shouldn’t stop parents from trying to get them to try. Vegetables are an absolute necessity in any growing child’s diet, and the key to a healthy and balanced lifestyle. As farmers, we encourage you not to give up! There are ways parents can get their kids to love their veggies.
Try and hide vegetables in other foods your kid loves, for starters. Try and create recipes that mask the look and flavour of the veggies. Your child won’t be resistant to eating the veggies if they don’t know they’re there, and they’ll still get the same nutritional benefits. Consider the ever-popular Kraft Dinner! Blend in cauliflower, and serve carrot sticks on the side.
Another way to try and get your child to enjoy veggies is to make them an active participant in meal prep. This can be hard with some kids that hate all veggies! When preparing lunch or dinner, casually ask them which ones are their favourites. Try and find some middle ground, get their input, and take them with you to the grocery store to find new favourites. When preparing a pasta dish, or a stir fry, have them do the chopping and do some nibbling along the way!
An important way to get your children on board is to eat lots of vegetables yourself. Parents should always model the behaviour you want your child to exhibit, whether it’s in eating, drinking, exercise, reading, etc. Kids look up to their parents, and if you are eating vegetables and expressing your enjoyment, it’ll go a long way.
You could also try and make eating veggies fun! Cut them into different shapes, prepare them in different ways, try to be creative and fun for your children. The more exciting you make eating veggies, the more likely they are to give them a try.

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