Fresh Farm Produce versus processed?

by | Nov 1, 2021

The quality of your food matters when you are focused on healthy living. The ratio of fresh farm produce to processed food in your diet might just be the key. How did older generations live for such a long time, without the health care system we have today? Could it be because of what they ate? The more we learn in science the more we should accept that healthy eating equates to long life.
Would you reach for fresh tomatoes from the farm – or a can of tomatoes? Would you prefer the convenience of chopped, all-in-one frozen vegetables in a bag – or buy your vegetables fresh? Your answers to these questions will tell you about your current lifestyle. It might help you understand what you have been focused on when it comes to food.
Fresh farm produce has not been tampered with or changed from its natural state. How they were harvested is how you buy them. Freshness also applies to meat or seafood that has been packaged but with no added preservatives or chemicals.

What about Processed Food

Processed (or refined) food has been altered – with something either removed from or added to. An example is the conversion from brown to white rice. Or the making of orange juice from fresh oranges, but then it has undergone several additions to increase shelf life. Just because the word “refined” is used doesn’t mean the food product has been improved and is better than fresh! Often critical nutrients get removed in the process. Don’t believe it? Check out white flour production from whole grains; this involves removing a great deal of the fibre content, which causes its nutrient content to be reduced.
It’s important to note that not processed foods are bad for your health, like dried fruits that only have their water removed. And popcorn still contains the same nutritional value as corn – it’s just corn subjected to heat.

Buy From Our Farm

At Don-o-Ray Farms, we believe that food from the farm tastes better, and it’s better for you. Our fruits and vegetables contain the many necessary nutrients needed by the body. Fill your plate – it’s healthier and safer than refined food. Drop by the shop in Kelowna to find this fall’s seasonal vegetables, plus our homemade soups, jams, salsas, and hot sauces. Directions are here.